Steps To Improve Your ‘About Page’

We all do it, the infamous visit to a new website, and as humans, we seek to find a connection. The first place we look? The About Page. A weak and unclear About Page is a common problem I encounter when viewing online businesses. Businesses forget that their About Page is one of the most important brand assets, and unlike social media marketing, it doesn’t require updating or additional investment. The About Page is a one-time deliverable that adds credibility to your brand and drives a business’s conversion rate for many months. 

An About page is a part of the customer’s journey. Remember, the About Page drives people to your site and is one of the final checkboxes people tick off when making a buying decision. COVID-19 has forced eCommerce sales to go up, moving business owners to find differentiating marketing strategies to capture the online market, and there’s no easier way than having an About page that builds trust in you and your brand.

Why is the About Page so crucial?

The About Page is often a critical point of entry to your website by a potential consumer. That’s why making an excellent first impression will convince customers to browse your site further.

Will your business see a conversion rate?

I always click on an About page and search for a brand’s social media profiles, and from there, I will decide if I should follow them. Lacking details on your About Page often questions the consumer on what kind of connection they are trying to establish with your brand. The more questions, the more likely your business will have a lower conversion and missed opportunities for followers.

The About Page: is it a crucial optimization tool?

How does Google decide if your brand is worth the search? Answer: We only have well-organized and educated theories on how the decision is formed. 

An easily-missed opportunity is not capitalizing on The About Page as an entity optimization asset.

First, Human search queries don’t directly impact search results, but their assessments teach Google’s algorithm to rank pages better. For instance, if the About Page comes up in their guidelines, they likely use it as a ranking qualifier. Second, Google uses the information you choose to put on your About Page to put your business inside their knowledge base, so it’s essential to pack in as much detail as you can.

How to create a great About Page?

Start strong and finish with a CTA. Your About Page is your virtual business card, so visitors to your website should be able to learn all about your brand as soon as they see your About Page. Your About Page should be detailed, eye-catching, and memorable. You want to grab attention at first sight without the need to scroll up or down.

Start with a powerful picture(s), clear messaging, add stats, and forget taglines. Another option would be creating a short professional 2-3 minute video. Your About Page tells your brand’s story, and you want your brand to be relatable. If a customer relates to your brand, they will quickly connect, making your brand memorable. 

Remember to link your brand to other entities to establish authority and authenticity. A link is the only way Google can crawl the web and connect your brand with specific queries. 

Where is your Call To Action (CTA)?

Dealing with unclear messaging is a common issue I see with About Pages. Don’t forget that the Page’s role is to introduce, establish and push customers along their buying journey. Clear and direct messaging is essential to help them proceed down your conversion channel.

Google Analytics is an easy way to check how well your About Page is performing to better understand and analyze your conversion funnel problem areas and understand your customer journey once they land on your About Page. 

Businesses often overlook the importance of creating and optimizing their About Page due to other outliners. It is a reasonably effortless task, especially if you’re comparing it to other marketing tools. One well-executed and detail-oriented Page can establish trust in your brand, therefore a better conversion rate.

In comparison, your About Page is very much like a business card. It needs to create an instant impression that will resonate with each visitor. Grab the visitor’s attention and create opportunities for each visitor to engage with your brand through a video, tagline, or high-impact photo. 

Adding a strong CTA will positively prompt visitors to follow your messaging and continue their buying journey along with your conversion funnel method. Again, the About Page is often an underestimated yet highly essential part of your customers’ journey when making it to checkout, so make sure it’s clear and direct. 

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